Crefolini sfogliati

The originality

The Crefolini are obtained from the base product, that is from the Crefole sfogliate. They recall a sort of “crushed breadsticks”, about 2 cm wide and ready to be eaten with pleasure at any time of the day.


Soft wheat flour type 0, lard, water, eggs, UHT low fat milk, salt, sucrose, leavening agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, preservative E200 (sorbic acid), pepper, extra virgin olive oil. Contains wheat gluten, milk and eggs.


1 Pack of Crefolini of 150 grams.



Nutrition facts for 100g of product

Calories 1626,5 kj – 388,2 Kcal
Total fat 18,0 g
saturated fat 6,8 g
monosaturated fat 8,3 g
polyunsaturated fat 2,9 g
Total Carbohydrates 48,3 g
sugar 0,0 g
starch 48,3 g
Fiber 2,1 g
Protein 7,2 g
Salt 1,8 g


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