Tradition, craftsmanship, passion.

Mr. Pilo comes from a traditional family specialized in the preparation of baked goods, in particular the homemade Cresce sfogliate.

The double leafing (sfogliatura) is what makes the products so particularly crumbly even after it is cooked, becoming tasty and digestible.

The careful selection of raw materials, handmade processing, packaging in a controlled ATM and the correct treatment in all the different stages allow us, in the end, to guarantee an absolute excellent supply chain.

This allows us to feel as the sacred holders of values and culinary tradition of our territory, making us proud of the quality that characterizes all the specialties signed Mr. Pilo.

ingredienti per piadine artigianali

Excellence and tradition


For over 10 years we have specialized in the artisan production and distribution of homemade cresce sfogliate.

Raw materials

We carefully select all raw materials in order to guarantee products of absolute excellence.


Handmade, packaging and correct treatment of raw materials guarantee an excellent supply chain.


Highest quality thanks to compliance with all hygiene regulations at each stage of production and thorough checks.


Tasty products, made with ingredients that respect the flavors of our territory and the culinary tradition of the past.

Large choice

More than 10 products to choose from: cresce sfogliate, piadine, crefolini and pizza bases. Different tastes and flavors for all to try.

Our products

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